Big dick. Little dick.


Yes, this post is about big dicks and little dicks of the physical kind.

Do not read on if you don’t like sex and Pecker talk! ha!

How many times do you hear people say “the size doesn’t matter, it’s what he does with it that counts!”

BAHAHAH! Really?! You want a guy with a GINORMOUS penis trying to fit it inside you?!

No, really? Well, we know Cass doesn’t 😉

In a previous house share I had a house-mate (still, great friend of mine who you have met before – Minx) whose job involves penises  (penii or penes, whatever your preference).

A LOT of them…

Naturally when she would first start chatting to guys they’d ask what she does for work and inevitably they would talk about their Little Soldier and all their Joystick related issues.

She would then receive all manner of photographs of the Male Member. One evening – I was getting ready to go out on a date and I heard her gasp and laugh, and stifle it, and then call us girls.

I have NEVER seen anything like it. It literally, was like a 3rd leg.

Our mouths dropped open in astonishment as she showed us a photo of his flaccid penis draped over his thigh.


Honestly I have no idea how his – let’s call it Godzilla – could have made it into any woman’s lady garden unless of course she was crowned queen Vagasaurus.

Of course, we felt bad for him. You could even see the outline – sorry, gigantic bulge – in his normal photos. I wonder if he has ever managed to experience the ecstasy of climax from penetrative sex…

Personally, I have not experienced a penis on this level of BIG and I’m not sure how I’d react if I was ever faced with one. I would at least try not to laugh nervously… Try.

I have however, experienced the tiny ones. Their Lil’ Buddy.  The Lion was one. Seemingly perfect in every other way (except for having time!! haha!) … sigh. Such a waste.

Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 16.06.38.png

What must it be like if you are head over heels in love with someone and then discover they have such a teeny tiny Love Stick that you begin to wonder if you have the most vacuous vagina in the world?! How could you imagine spending your life having sex with that person.

Ok, ok he can go down on you, but to not feel anything going on down there… I don’t know.

I said I’d tell you about the Aussie.

  • Fairly short – as in when I wear heels we’re the same height, so I feel like a giant instead of a fairy.
  • No big biceps to hold onto me tight.
  • No broad shoulders to make me feel protected.
  • No sense of ambition in life.

I won’t go on… but all in all, not my ideal of attractive.

But, I’m being more open minded. We get on, get each other’s sense of humour, he’s done some pretty nice things for me when I was having a tough time, and he stroked my back! Yes, without even asking once, he did one of the things I love the most in the world. Stroked my back. Ahhhhh….

And then, he kissed my neck… ai ai ai… nothing can stop me now. Well, that’s what went on in my head at the time anyway.

Oh, and the kissing. You know when you just click with someone and the kissing is AMAZING and sends you into the stratosphere?! It was like that (I hope you’ve been kissed like that before. If not, dump whoever you’re with and go find that! JK)

But, and there is a big – or rather, a little but – he definitely does NOT have an Anaconda. I was like ‘Has it started yet? hmmm… Are you actually doing anything..?’ (no, not out loud!)

Oh no! How could it be?!

Suffice to say, this didn’t last long.


There was some other stuff that wasn’t ok. It wasn’t just the small dick. I’m not that shallow 😉

Rewind to Christmas time. I’d been dating an ex-pro footballer. Yes, I know!!

He wasn’t premier league or anything so no mansion in Cheshire for me! But there is a Wikipedia page about him and there are newspaper articles about him – and no, I’m not going to tell you who it is.

Super kind. Super interested. Made so much time for me. And he was HOT. Like on fire hot. Exactly the kind of guy I would look at and instantly think “oh yes, I’d have him” (I know you do that too!)

GREAT sized Torpedo – perhaps my favourite name so far. Good length and girth.

It was perfect. NOT long and pokey like the Californian non-committal-I-don’t-want-to-put-a-label-on-this-relationship-non-relationship guy I was dating the previous Christmas (both took me to Winter Wonderland which I LOVED!)

Sex with the Footballer was amazing, always. Well, two hotties together… – JK! We just ‘fit’ well together.

As kind, caring, smoking hot and interested as he was, his lack of ambition just killed it for me.

He had so much going for him, but now too old to continue at that professional level he didn’t have any ambition. Perhaps starting a kids football coaching academy, so I tried to encourage him in that. Nothing materialised. He worked in a factory.

Not very long ago he contacted me again and I asked if he’d made any progress on the business. Alas, he was still in the factory.

Oh, but he’s so hot… and we fit so well together… *dreaming*

I just can’t sustain a relationship with someone who will settle for something that is less than who they are. It’s uninspiring and ultimately boring. Harsh, I know.

So, the treasure hunt for the perfect guy for me continues.

What do you think about the size of the shaft?




Eyes Guys #3 Gone Again



Last we read, Eyes Guy and I were kissing on the couch …

(Read previous blog of Eyes Guy #1 and #2 to get up to speed)


This turned into a blissful relationship-heading, whirlwind time full of excitement and never ending smiles ..

I knew very little about him. I didn’t know his past and I never asked because of those words the first time of why he didn’t want to see me anymore without much explanation. In my mind there was something in his past that he wanted to leave behind and I’m good with that because I had nothing to do with his past! In saying this, although open minded as I always profess I am, I was also quite cautious with that whole ‘once bitten twice shy’ type of thinking.

I am very big on a past being exactly that. It’s none of my business unless someone wants to share parts of their life prior to you, with you. Of course this happens as you get to know each other but it is usually only the relevant things that we tend to bring up. Things like an awesome experience or maybe something from your childhood. Things about your family, where you grew up and so forth. We may talk about past relationships and where they went wrong. Places we have traveled to or jobs we have worked in. There are often parts of our past we don’t feel a need to share and also some things we just don’t want to remember. That’s ok because we all have those things. A life is lived through ups and downs and things we have excelled in and then things we wish we could have done better. We learn and hopefully they make us better people.

This ‘relationship’ whatever it was, was unlike no other. I could spend days talking about parts of it and still not be able to explain it properly. Eyes Guy would be an incredibly attentive, caring and thoughtful man. He would sit on the couch with me and just want to touch me as he watched his favourite TV show. I remember one night I was standing up at the table away from him eating pineapple pieces (random night time urge) watching a current affairs show with a story on Cuba. Of course in the background they were playing Cuban Salsa and it was a very well known song especially in my ‘Zumba’ world. I’m quite used to just keeping a low profile. I don’t need too much attention I just cruise along. I was busy eating my pineapple and watching TV (was a very interesting story) and I guess I was dancing a little to the music minding my own business. I instinctively felt eyes upon me and looked at Eyes Guy. He had this intense look in his eyes with a sort of knowing smile. It was freaky! You know when you have no idea someone has been watching you and then you find out? Suddenly you feel vulnerable and I shyly said ‘What???’ He said ‘You are just so cute!’ Then he said ‘Can you please come here?’ Of course I said ‘Why?????’ He said ‘Just come here… Please…’

So I walked over to him
He took his hands, put them on either side of my face and kissed me with intensity.
Then I went back to my pineapple as he continued with that sweet look of happiness towards me.

imageIt’s those small moments that you remember and hold onto. They are the real moments that you cannot force, they just happen on their own.

There were other moments too. I would go to see him after teaching a sweaty class. He gets up for work early therefore went to bed earlier than me normally. I would rush over and usually not eat dinner (I never told him this) just so I would not upset him by taking too long. He seemed to have his ways he liked things to be.  Not aggressively more of an OCD type of way. I just wanted to be there and spend some time. I remember a time I stripped off out of my sweaty zumba clothes and jumped in the shower to get clean and next minute he was getting in too! No… It wasn’t a dirty-mind moment, it was quite the opposite. He just gently started washing me. I’d not experienced this before as usually a man wants to shower with you for other reasons!!! There was no other reason. Just a man wanting to be sweet and do something thoughtful. This happened a number of times. Some nurturing and some raw and passionate. Sometimes there was one leading to another. Let’s just say that showering was never dull at his place unless I was there alone.

Whenever we slept in the same bed he would sleep the whole night completely wrapped around me. If I moved (I’m not good at this and lie awake for hours not wanting to move in case I woke him!) because I need personal space when I sleep (does anyone else find feet touching your feet creepy?) he would find me subconsciously and just need to be touching me.

In the morning when he got up for work I would wake as I’m a light sleeper but he would do his best to stay quiet. He would always come back into his room and say goodbye. I would sleepily kneel up to hug him with my eyes half closed (you know as you do like a kid so you don’t wake up too much???) and usually tell him how nice he looked. He always looked so handsome dressed to go to work. It’s a nice change to see a man dressed well for work as a contrast to casual Queensland clothes. If I didn’t wake up as much I remember he would kiss me gently on my forehead and leave me to sleep (that would be the BEST sleep all night!!! Hahaha I’m really not used to sharing a bed!) That sweet tender kiss on my head to say goodbye …


All these little moments were amazing and I looked forward to them. My problem was that there were other ‘moments’ that made no sense. I wouldn’t hear from him and then suddenly I would. He would be busy and seeing him was always on his terms never on mine. We only saw each other at his house. He still knew very little about my daily life. I never met his friends and I still to this day don’t think they know I exist.  If they do, they would have no idea who I am to him.

On the opposite side, I know them all very well. I know their names, what they do, who they are to him. I know his mum and dad and his sister very well! None of them know me. I know of his past life, he had given away at that point. He was a DJ in a well known venue on a Sunday night. It was not his main line of work but something he was passionate about and apparently immersed in for a long time. I never knew him as that person, so how and why he left that behind was none of my business. I liked the person I met as who he was, at that point.

I never referred to him as my boyfriend. I never felt like I was acknowledged in return either. He was ‘someone I met’ or ‘someone I’m seeing’. I was having a conversation one time and used the term ‘boyfriend’ awkwardly in referring to Eyes Guy purely to avoid a needless explanation.  I uncomfortably told him about it and asked if that upset him if I called him that. I don’t remember what he said but I never used that term again about him. I got it… To him, I wasn’t that special.

One night I had a good friend from overseas in town. I invited her and another friend to meet me for dinner. Eyes Guys had been expecting me over that night. I had arranged dinner near his place and bravely worked up the courage to invite him to come. That meant almost being a ‘couple’ and meeting my very much-loved friends. He said he would come!!

There was an awesome outdoor dance event on too which I was excited to watch with everyone first. I drove to his place and as I was arriving he called and said he was tired and not coming. I said OK and clearly sounded disappointed. He told me that he visited some mates and had a couple of beers which made him tired and he has been lying down and wants to stay there. I was being the low drama chick that I am and although incredibly deflated I was going along with it. He asked where I was and I said that I was right by his place but that’s ok. He then said assertively ‘No, I’ve let you down and that’s not fair. Give me fifteen minutes to shower and get ready, I’m coming with you!’

To this day he has no idea how happy that made me to hear!! I wanted to hold his hand and enjoy a nice night with my friends… And him. He and I were having s great time watching the dance groups under the stars.  He started acted strange after my friends arrived and wanted to go home. I felt a mixture of embarrassment because it was rude to my friends who had gone way out of their way to be there, embarrassment because my friends must have felt bad for me, and confusion in his behaviour.


We got back to his place and he told me that he is uncomfortable around me because I don’t drink. He said he doesn’t know how to act as he doesn’t have friends who don’t drink. He found it strange and didn’t know how to be.

(Ummm.. Normal???)

Ok, so at least there was something making some sense now. He always had this awkwardness about him at night thinking I didn’t notice there was vodka in his ‘orange juice’. Did he think I never noticed the dramatic changes in the levels of the vodka bottle on top of the kitchen cupboard each time I visited?  Did he think I couldn’t taste the alcohol on his breath when he kissed me?  And let’s mention one time I went to bed before him and woke up hours later without him.  I went out half asleep to see where he was and he quickly tried to hide the vodka bottle he was emptying into his ‘orange juice’.  I pretended I didn’t see anything as he nervously blurted out ‘What  are you doing?’.  I just took it all in, kissed his cheek and went back to bed so he didn’t feel like I noticed… I did… I always did.

To my close friends he was a whole other person and even they struggled to help me work it all out. We went out on a ‘date’ one night.  Well in his best thinking. I never went out with him to dinner so I asked if we could do that. I wanted to wear a hot dress and heels for him, dress up and feel pretty. We just walked down the street which was fine cause that area is full of nice places. He held my hand across the table as we sat which surprised me, although I must say when we went walking out and about he did always hold my hand. I love holding hands. I’m typically not much of a touchy-feely person but holding hands makes me feel all warm and fuzzy! That was one of the very few, if only times he told me I looked beautiful up to this point. I asked out of interest in conversation did he find me attractive at all and he replied asking why would I question that? I told him because I honestly don’t know because he never says anything like that. He told me if he wasn’t, he wouldn’t have a hard penis would he? Well my thinking is that this is irrelevant … I mean… Don’t guys wake up with erections? Don’t they have ‘wet dreams’? Added to this, we all know their dedication to masturbating! All of these situations involve erect penises and have nothing to do with me so that whole answer doesn’t really have much credibility!

Basically, in those moments when you are naked with someone feeling exposed and vulnerable, feeling a crazy connection and incredible passion between you, a girl still needs the simplest of things, and that is to feel relaxed and confident … A girl just wants to be told she is beautiful or sexy or looks hot or whatever it might be. Having that thought in your head of ‘Maybe he doesn’t really like me that much after all and just likes sex’ and all sorts of self conscious thoughts don’t make immersing yourself in the moment and letting go easy.

Let’s just say it… Sex was amazing. It was amazing before we even actually got anywhere with it. Kissing him was always as mentioned, like my kryptonite. I would just melt into him the moment he pushed his lips to mine. Chemistry is something you cannot make happen. It just does or it doesn’t. It always did and without being too biological, physically it was intense. That aside, one thing that never happened was me! As much as I enjoyed every moment of every encounter, I never reached that place that strokes a mans ego and has him fist pump and high five himself, to himself. That part where he tells himself ‘oh fuck yeah… You’re the man’. image

Guess what… I didn’t really care. It was the experience of the ride not the final destination that I enjoyed the most. Especially the part where i got to fist pump and high five myself and tell myself that I was ‘the man’… So to speak!

Hey, I am very much a giver and my satisfaction is in giving satisfaction. The longer it went on, I think the more it etched away at his ego in that way, as much as I told him it’s no big deal. I still understood though.

Here you go guys… Here is what it was for me.

(Insert deep breath and type away Cass!).

Two things … I felt like when he would go down on me (not in every encounter) that he didn’t really enjoy doing it. When he did he would get annoyed I took too long. Therefore in my mind I’m thinking about him not liking doing this for me and ‘oh no he is getting annoyed at me’…Women orgasm with their minds as much as their bodies as we know. I was never going to like that. Also, I would start enjoying what he was doing and he would change it. This lead me to believe he didn’t know too much about this and it would make sense since he didn’t enjoy it.
Then there was sex itself. Does anyone remember the song with the line ‘She only cums when she’s on top’?

“This bed is on fire with passionate love
The neighbors complain about the noises above
But she only cums when she’s on top”

(The song LAID is from 1993 and by the Manchester band JAMES.. Great song!)


You see the older you get the more comfortable you become knowing your body. I’m quite shy especially initially and I’m also very sensitive about other people’s feelings. I had told him I cum on top as most women do. Let’s add in the lack of confidence given to me (no compliments or noted comments) and being on top, exposed, being watched so closely, completely vulnerable and having him tell me numerous times he didn’t like how it felt for him when i was on top and again, my head is telling me to hurry up because he doesn’t like it and I’m a burden. I also never felt him touch my body or make me feel like he liked how it felt or what it looked like. One reason is because he never told me and because he never took the time to admire, touch to even kiss it.

Can you believe though despite all of this, our naked time was still something to shout about … It’s difficult to explain.

Around the six week mark he became distant. I didn’t hear from him much for most of the week and towards the end of the week, nothing. Eventually we spoke on the phone and he said that people in his life always leave and they don’t understand who he really is, they just leave him. He told me I understand him and he doesn’t want me to leave him. He sounded a bit stressed and looking back… Drunk?

Within a few days I got another call saying he didn’t want to see me again. He doesn’t feel anything for me. We don’t have any connection and that’s it.


I text him and said don’t I have a say in this??? He said that I didn’t. I was again, left confused. If there was one thing we DID have it was a connection. A ridiculous connection. I sent a text and said I was going to finish class and come over and talk to him … Cause you know, that’s what adults do!! He replied and said that he won’t be home from work until late. I said it’s ok, I’ll just come over and wait until you get home. He rang me and had the most evil tone in his voice. He told me that if he gets home and I’m at his place waiting for him he will ring the police and tell them I am stalking him!!!

OMG … Who WAS this person on the phone?

I just went home and that was it, again.
Done | Finished | Over | No Idea Why

❤️ Cass


A SingleMAN dating


imageI recently received this message on Facebook from a guy I chatted to quite a lot but never met ages ago online.  Yeah he ghosted me!

Anyway he has given me complete permission to share this with you as long as it remains anonymous … It’s a great read, and for us #singlegirlsdating it’s a great insight into the other side… Enjoy and thank you my old friend ❤️

“Hey Cass. How’s life? Love your blog but I recon you’ll get waaaay more traction if you girls do a vlog. I wrote a piece on online dating for a book last year. Thought you might enjoy reading. Feel free to use what you what but keep me anonymous please…

Pick up my phone – check my messages – read my emails – look at social media – enter the love/hate world of tinder – masturbate.
That was my daily ritual before and after sleep for the past year.

I’m a fairly successful, fun and adventurous 39 year old man who loves his family and friends more than life itself but I have a secret…I’m a Tinder addict.

Coming out of a long-term relationship and living on the Gold Coast, my good mate told me I HAVE to go on Tinder to meet some women and have some fun…so I did. I uploaded my favorite pics and wrote some facts that I thought would interest the opposite gender. “Ok, let’s do this”, I told myself.

What initially amazed me was the sheer number of stunning girls on there. Now I’m not the fittest or best looking guy in the world but it didn’t take me long to start matching and spark up conversations.

First date: I had literally been out of the game, and the country for many a long year so I suggested that my date chose the spot. So off I go…I arrive, it’s packed, I find her sitting next to another guy, from the site, and it’s inside a strip club. WTF??? Is this what people actually do on first dates these days? The other guy was freaked out as much as me and it didn’t take us long to work out that she wanted a threesome, and she was bi as she kept getting lap dances for herself.

imageThe following 3 months resulted in more dates than I can remember and $19,000 spent on restaurants, drinks, hotels, gifts and getaways. I know, I know…don’t tell me. It was ballistic but true and a whole lot of fun. I was like a kid in a candy store, however things needed to be toned down as it was taking over my life. I can’t tell you how much that $19k would come in handy now but you can’t live with regrets, hey.

Sex: I’m not going to tell you how many women I’ve slept with since joining Tinder because it’s no one else’s business, but the ages range from 18 – 55 (she was 35 on her profile) and without sounding like a tool, I’ve experienced the delights from New Zealand, UK, Canada, USA, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, South Africa, Norway, Holland, Spain, Russia, Poland, Brazil, France and of course Australia. And in case you’re wondering, I’m disease free.

imageMaybe 40% of the women on Tinder will write something about themselves on their profile. I’d say 50% of those will state: not here for one nighters or hookups. Of those, over 80% will have sex on the first date. It’s an interesting psychology and I often wonder if they write that so their friends and potential dates don’t assume they’re a slut. I actually hate that word because if you think about it, couples in a relationship will, or at least can have sex everyday. Women that are single and love sex deserve the right to fulfil their needs without scrutiny from others or be labeled with a deplorable word. Entering the fantasy zone with their middle digits or favorite battery charged friend is no doubt pleasant but it can’t compare to the real thing, right?!

I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some truly amazing women on Tinder, including three that I keep in touch with regularly and now consider good friends. Two just didn’t workout and the other is simply not in the country. However, I would swap all the girls on there for just one that I share a strong connection with and call my girlfriend. So that annoying red flame on the tinder app lures me in like a hit for a drug addict, hoping I’ll find my special woman.

Sydney = Next Level: I remember the first time I flew down to Sydney, checking out the view from the cab and the talent on tinder. It literally blew my mind. Absolute glamours, swipe after swipe. Back home I’d be lucky if I got 1 match to every 30 right swipes but in Sydney…OMFG, I was on at least a 90% strike rate.

By the time I arrived at my hotel about 30mins from the airport, I had about 15 matches and when I woke up the next day, I saw the app had 73 matches and messages. That was simply freakish so I had to screenshot my phone and send it to my best mate. I don’t know if there is a severe drought of men in Sydney but there’s clearly a fierce competition going on. It’s like a role reversal and unlike any other city because the women in Sydney normally message first and ask you to meet.


So Tinder you little rascal…you’ve given me an emotional roller coaster but it’s time we part ways. You’ve transformed the dating game and injected the economy throughout the planet, especially in restaurants, bars and leisure activities, so well done you for that. I can’t be sure that our paths won’t cross in the future but I really, really, reeeeeeally hope that we never meet again”

Would you want me exclusively for you? 


This is part 3. If you haven’t read parts 1 and 2 you’re missing out! Do that first…

Part 1 – My Own Fifty Shades

Part 2 – You’ve Been a Naughty Girl Haven’t You?

I know some people are totally turned off by this because they immediately think it’s demeaning, disrespectful, weird, unsafe, disgusting… (comment below with your thoughts!) AND THAT IS OK because everyone’s thoughts, feelings, opinions and turn-ons are different. But I’m intrigued…

Some people just don’t get it though. They aren’t able to read between the lines of the previous blog posts and think it’s JUST weird kinky stuff. How many people are unsatisfied with their sex lives? A lot right… maybe even you…?

If you don’t explore, ask your partner questions, listen and do what turns them on (so long as you’re comfortable with it) then why would things ever change? You get bored, frustrated, look elsewhere…the relationship breaks down…So why put up an instant barrier without even a consideration just because you perceive something to be ‘dirty’…?

I’m going to share some of our conversation with you so you can understand more what I’m getting at.

I feel totally at ease asking Dom questions about the dominant/submissive relationship.

He’s had 2 such relationships with people he’s met from Tinder. He also met another woman from Tinder for a drink but things didn’t continue. No idea if he’s met women elsewhere and began a dom/sub relationship with them.

Dom is happy to answer my questions, saying that one of the “relationships” lasted 3 months and another 6 months. One ended because she wanted a relationship (by this I’m presuming she wanted what they had to become more) and the other because “weirdly we got bored of each other.”

After writing their stories and sending them through messages Dom asked the women to meet for a drink to see if there was chemistry. “There has to be an instant recognition of who is in charge. She has to have a deep desire to submit.”

I asked when this started for him.

Dom: A few years ago. I’ve always loved control of her body. Deciding when and how you get pleasure. Taking you to the edge, having you beg and ache for more. I love knowing you’ll obey, love knowing you’ll occasionally be naughty to get punished.

Me: Do you have a girlfriend?

Dom: No, I can only concentrate on one at a time! Are you seeing anyone?

Me: Dating

Dom: Do you feel aware of your limits?

Me (I feel a bit stupid not knowing what I’m supposed to be saying!): As in would I tell you when to stop?

Dom: Oh I think you’re confident enough to tell me when to stop. More what you definitely don’t like the idea of doing. For example, being called dirty names like “suck my cock slut”

Me: Ok, I definitely wouldn’t get turned on by that. If anything is degrading in my mind I don’t like it. So calling me a slut, no.

Dom: Good, that is a limit.

So you want to be pinned against a wall and kissed hard, a hand running through your hair, grabbing your head and pulling it back so I can kiss your neck – while another hand slides up your dress, reaching around to grab your arse. You want to hear me whisper just how badly you want before throwing you on the bed, spreading your legs and pulling your knickers down…

Me: Something like that yes 😉

Me (in my head): If you wanted to come do this to me now I wouldn’t say no!


I wondered if my desires were a little ‘tame’ for him. I asked, “Is that what you want? I mean would that be enough for you to enjoy it?”

He replied: It is and I certainly would. But more importantly is it what you want? For me, quite simply, it’s all about you, how you and your body react.


Me (in my head): Bloody hell this is great! A guy who actually wants to know exactly what will make me happy and then make it happen!


Actually, I’ll say – as I did in the previous post – I think this is so important for any ‘normal’ relationship: Understand what turns each other on, explore, talk and enjoy doing those things for each other. Happy sex life!


Being dominant doesn’t necessarily mean f*cking hard or treating the submissive like a slave or like a piece of meat or someone worthless, it means being in control in a way that is pleasing to both parties – at least that’s my understanding so far.


After our chat Dom told me to expect the next part of the story at 9pm.

I asked for something… he said “It’s cute that you think if you ask you’ll get…”



I know someone who has experience of Dom/sub relationships and their’s is a simple arrangement where they meet up every few weeks and have some uncomplicated fun in a way that works for them. Then they get on with their separate lives, dating and spending time with other people.

But I didn’t want to assume anything. So I asked: “Do you consider it to be a relationship when you’re with someone and doing this stuff? Like do you go out and do regular things together?”

Dom: I would if she was cool to hang out with. I’ve found with a profile like this (he’s talking about his Tinder profile) its resulted in a lot of different avenues, some who are just curious, others who have greater experience and are fully immersed in the BDSM world, and then those that want to explore themselves and with someone confident enough.

I ask what you like and don’t like because, as you can imagine, all of us have a different image of dom/sub. And I want to know what turns you on, what makes your mouth water, what makes you even more curious.

Me: If we were to take this further would you want me to be exclusively for you?

Dom: Perhaps in the long term, yes, I’d want you to myself.

Me: I am curious and want to explore this further – you know that much. But I am looking for a relationship. I’m not sure how that could work in this context? So I wouldn’t want to say to you that I’m open to this and then you expect me to be just for you while I continue to look for someone to be with long term.
Dom: Your search for a relationship is and should be a priority. I have no intention of getting in the way of that. So I suggest, we talk, you get to the end of the story, you of course entertain other dating prospects, and who knows you may take up my offer to meet me for a drink.


Honestly, I find him very respectful, confident but not arrogant, open and accepting.



You look up at him, pleading with your eyes, any other time and any other person you’d get to work with your mouth.

But not today, he’s in charge and you know it as he looks down into your eyes caressing your cheek with his hand. He brushes two fingers over your lips and unconsciously you open your mouth. Lips closing around them, tongue swirling, you find yourself showing him how good you’ll suck his cock as you maintain eye contact.

He withdraws his fingers, using your saliva, he strokes his cock, your eyes fixated as it grows in his hands, you breath deeper. He stops stroking, it’s almost fully standing to attention, you don’t need further instruction as you lean foward and devour him with your mouth.

Lips locked around it, your tongue working it’s magic as you feel it throb and get harder. You feel both his hands on the back of your head, gripping your hair gently, he wants to feel the back of your throat and you’re so willing to let him. Gently pushing and pulling your head, applying different amounts of pressure, he is in total control and he loves it.

As you grab his legs to steady yourself, he pulls your mouth off his cock, tilts your head up “Hands behind your back”. He releases your hair, as you inch forward and suck on his rock hard cock, licking up and down, tongue swirling around his balls, you want him inside you, looking up at him with those pleading eyes again, you feel his hands lifting you up…


Me: I don’t like my head being pushed

Dom: Noted.

Me: Are these all your words?

Dom: They are all my words, and all written for you. In this case I misjudged the head being pushed down…

Looking forward to the next part?

Me: Of course!

Dom: Do you like wearing heels?

Me: Yes.

Dom: I want to see the sexiest ones you have, if you’re wearing them in the pic even better

Me (I’m still learning…!): What are sexy heels to you?

Dom: I don’t think I have a definitive answer for that, anything over a couple of inches. I know that women often feel sexy in heels and I want to see what YOU feel sexiest in.

Me (in my head): ok I’m getting this now… Sent him the pic below. Totally feel sexy there!

Dom: Good girl. You’re absolutely stunning. If we meet, you’ll be wearing that. Exactly that.

Me: Ok.

Me (in my head): Shit, that dress is at my parent’s house!

Dom: The reason for the heels, is more detail in the next instalment. Which you’ll get at 9pm.
To be continued…


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