When you’re least expecting it…


Last time you heard from me I’d given up dating apps… and not much has changed since then but I do have stories to tell…

I’ve been happily going on with my life and not really bothered about meeting a man, after all we don’t need to have a man anymore. An Italian friend of my grandfather – side note: he is the BEST grandfather ever! –

Best Grandpa ever!

reminded me that years ago a woman would need to be married as she didn’t have any rights… but now we have those, we don’t need a man. I hadn’t even thought about it in that way and it’s so true! We actually don’t need to be in a relationship but it’s now something that we can desire and go after without the need to consider money, status, family ties and connections and simply be with someone who we respect, love and truly want to be with.

Dating had become a chore and particularly the dating apps – It’s something I felt had to do as it’s the way to meet guys. Giving it up felt great – A load off my shoulders! I wasn’t looking and guess what? No one magically appeared… well, not for months anyway!

About a month ago I re-joined the dreaded Tinder if only for something to do. No matches… now that was a change from previous times when pretty much everyone I swiped right for matched with me! I wondered if it was my age: turning 35 probably excludes me from most searches made by men. But realistically if you don’t swipe right for anyone you can’t match anyone! What?! I wasn’t excited by any of them. haha!

Then when I was visiting said Grandpa – I thought that the calibre of men outside of London would possibly be better – a few weeks ago I matched with a Firearms Officer. Good looking, seemingly decent man who lives far away (typical!) and who has recently split from a long-term girlfriend (ugh!). We chatted quite a lot before we met up and on paper the match is good but in person there was no spark… I wondered if it was because my head still wasn’t really in it…

Last weekend I was presenting VeraFlow and Floor Barre at FitCamps – a fitness event at Ribby Hall. Nothing out of the ordinary – teaching classes and generally having a great time hanging out with friends, new and old. After my Saturday session I went over to the Pulseroll stand to vibrate. Yes, you read that right! Pulseroll have the best vibrating foam rollers and peanuts (use code NAOMI10 for discount on yours – prepare to melt)!

Paul, the owner who I’d only ‘met’ online came over to chat and pretty much asked straight away if I was married, kids, divorced…? I thought it was a bit weird but just went with it thinking he was just chatting and getting to know presenters. Turns out he was passing back the info and I had no idea! Next thing I know as I’m vibrating my quad, this hot guy (I’m going to call him Pulseroll Athlete) comes over to ‘help me’… he’s got his hands on my leg and moving it about.

Of course in my head I’m thinking ‘damn he’s hot’ and ‘just act casual’. I’m lying there watching whatever class was going on at the time (I literally have no idea what it was because I was clearly otherwise occupied in my mind!) Next thing I know he’s got me with the roller under my hips, chest on the floor and one hand is on my butt. So much for touching a knee getting a guy in trouble… but I was not complaining about that!

But I went away thinking nothing of it.

Saturday evening is party time! The theme this year was Bollywood and I had the perfect outfit for seduction. It wasn’t the plan – I never think fitness events are the place I might find someone… Jess said to me as I walk in something along the lines of “You look incredible. You’ll find the man of your dreams tonight!” and I replied “What, here?!” laughing… – but yes, apparently I did seduce a very sexy and amazing man. (Photo of me and Jess above)

I have the biggest smile on my face right now just thinking about him and still can’t quite believe it.

Pulseroll Athlete and I were flirting outrageously all night and everyone could see it. Matchmaking queen Helen who you could never associate the word subtle with, said her piece and told us to get it together. Random women were coming up to me asking if I was single ‘because that guy really fancies you and you look great together’. Friends started telling me that he’d been asking about me and when a photo was taken of the two of us Carroll says in her most serious and meaningful voice, “Naomi. It looks like your wedding photo. ”

We had such a fun night, dancing and laughing, and YES we got it on in our own time 😉

So, I found out that my head was in it but only in the right situation, at the right time with the right person. There’s no point spending your time on someone who doesn’t capture your heart and give you butterflies.

It’s one of those situations where I’m thinking it’s all too good to be true. We’ll see where it leads but even if it goes no-where (it so is!) then we enjoyed every moment we shared this past weekend.

Pulseroll Athlete lives in Manchester and I live in London. His brother lives across the bridge from me. My brother lives a few miles from him. I think we’re going to be seeing a lot more of our brothers!

I hope I’m not going to be writing a blog post soon about how it all went to s*it… but I have a very good feeling about this one. Have I said that before…?! I’m positive you’re going to hear more from me about Pulseroll Athlete 🙂

I’d love to hear your stories about finding someone when you’re least expecting it. Tell me yours in the comments!








15 thoughts on “When you’re least expecting it…

  1. Kay Deprom

    This is so amazing! I’m very excited for you. You’re a beautiful lady inside and out, you bring so much joy to people with your bubbly personality & crazy classes, you deserve to find a soul mate just as wonderful as you! Can’t wait to hear more! Please can you try and get Cupid to spread his love dust in my direction as well 😉 xxx


  2. Chez

    I literally deleted my dating profile this morning – way too much stress over something I’m not sure I want now anyway.
    So pleased for you N and I’ve missed your blogs. Wish you both happiness.


  3. Kate Shaw

    That was a very exciting read and wow at a fitness weekend. Relaxed in your environment looking gorgeous doing what you do best, so delighted to hear this. Can he exhibit at ours and you can have another weekend together, just leave us the vibrating rollers love Kate x


  4. Simmone

    I love this. It just suddenly happens. That is what I said 5 months ago, “Let’s just see” and it just feels right. A feeling and a knowing. I’m excited for you both. I’ve met someone and it just seems to work. With all the trauma that has gone on this year which he knows about and is incredibly supportive I’m so effortlessly happy. Our kids (3 each eek!! all get on too) Random people have come up to us on numerous occasions and have said “You too look good together” or “What an amazing energy you both have together” we are just being our usual selves. Its bizarre and we didn’t meet on any site eventhough we both used them. He saw me and then worked out a way to ask me out for coffee and then things grew from there. I’m excited to see how things unfold for you Naomi. I have my fingers, toes and eyes crossed!


  5. Ha ha I knew it – it was sooooo obvious from the start and how much extra time you got vibrating lol xx

    You really are a lovely lady… First time I have had the chance to chat and laugh with you, even if you are incredibly posh! Be honest your little finger gave that away 🙂


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