Hello Kitty


I have immersed myself into a whole new world that started out as some harmless fun. It took on a whole new direction as I discovered a world I didn’t know anything about. I made up a tinder profile and wanted to just have fun putting things in it I would not normally write for myself seriously, and for some reason it attracted a very specific type of guy.

A man who is dominant. A man wanting a submissive. A man who wants to do some insane things to me and gets pleasure from doing that. I have gotten about 8 to 10 men who claim to be Doms and would like me to become theirs.   For those who don’t know much about this world, welcome to my life!   I had to very quickly learn what it was all about to keep up with the facade of wanting to be that person, that woman who desperately wanted a man to dominate her in the bedroom and in general.

But it before I get carried away… Allow me to rewind

I put up a profile on a Sugar Daddy website to see what juicy text stories I could find to share with you all. So far, I’ve only gotten boring short men or over 60s men who want to fly me to Hamilton island to ‘cuddle’ them. AHhh so dull.


Those and the married men wanting discretion. Is it just me or is this not just a form of prostitution? You meet on arranged days, spend time together (of course sex will be on the agenda) and he gives you a weekly ‘allowance’ plus gifts and so forth. Is this not ‘paying for sex’. I have in my profile that I’m not interested in married men. Perhaps that is why it’s not overly active? Must men on there are married? Just FYI… This experiment has certainly opened my eyes to the extremely high number of cheating men. I don’t get it. If you are not happy together, try and change that or leave before finding someone else. It’s really disappointing how much of this I’ve seen.

Next idea… Put up a profile opposite to my usual style and see where it takes me. Guys are fishing, ghosting and playing with your emotions all the time online. Stringing you along and having no intention of following through. So what is the harm if I chat to some in a role playing situation? Pretend to be someone I’m not. Maybe part of it is me though as it does intrigue me.

I was ready to do this but I wasn’t doing it with malicious intent. It was just to be experiencing something different and do some research because I want to write some exciting blogs for you!. Venture into a voyeuristic world and go into an area that is not normally common for me. To do something out of the box. Go beyond what I’m usually comfortable with but explore. Behind a keyboard, behind a phone, without putting a face to a profile, it’s so easy to become someone that you’re not.

I became KITTY. I became Kitty because of what I wrote on the bottom of my profile.

I chose this photo of my legs in a tiny bikini to intrigue and arouse. I wanted to remain facially anonymous.  I’ve actually been approached by a guy in a bar angry at me for not matching him on tinder!   With this profile especially… I’m being careful.



You KNOW how to please

Confident strong dominant when it matters
You let me know exactly how much you want me.
A true mature minded gentleman in touch with your natural instincts. You adore a good woman & the body she takes care of for you

You will be fit, tall (I’m 5 foot 6 & heels are sexy so…) kind hearted, quick witted, sexy, single, secure, assertive and ready to go after what you want … Me, only me and I’ll only want you.. Long term

Non-smoker. My Kitty doesn’t want cancer!”

I was thinking it would attract a certain type of man but I wasn’t expecting to attract the number of BDSM or dominant man in the sense that it obviously did!

As most of you know, to match on Tinder it takes two people to swipe right with each other. I was specifically targeting men who looked strong, masculine and dominant. In my last blog i said I was no longer online dating because I was tired of being single and being still online. I figured I will still be single, and not online

I met some characters online, none of whom I have met in person by the way!  It’s not something that I find comfortable however being interactive and seeing where this path has been taking me, has actually made me understand that there are different people doing different things, some of which is actually a turn on


The first Dom who contacted me, turned out to be someone that I think is not a good human being and those who read our blogs know that I’m very open-minded when it comes to accepting people for who they are. I wanted to accept this guy. He told me a lot. He answered many of my questions. He was very patient. He liked me because I was innocent to this world and very ‘vanilla’ and he told me he wanted to corrupt my body and my mind.

I had this crazy idea and I know it’s not nice because it happens to us all the time.

I had never downloaded the app called Kik before. For those who don’t know what Kik is, it’s an app that allows you to send text messages, pictures and videos without having to give somebody your phone number. It allows you to continue some anonymity without revealing your personal information. Take a step further, and if you don’t like that person, and you wish to discontinue speaking with them, you simply block them and remove them, and they cannot find you again.

I didn’t have it and the first Dom that I said wasn’t particularly nice, demanded that I download it and I had five minutes to complete my task or be in trouble. So I downloaded it and there began the conversation that changed my perception and opened my eyes.

Since then I am telling people that I speak with, ‘Do you have Kik?”
We swap usernames and next minute I get a message from them. I’ve seen so many penises in the last two weeks it’s ridiculous. I don’t ask for that although I did yesterday because that seems to be what happens. I thought I’d go along with that in the role playing character. I’m numb to looking at penises now. I just have no interest in getting penis photos. They don’t excite me but now I just go ‘oh and here we have another penis’.

So let’s meet the pilot and let’s call him Flying Dom. Flying Dom’s background is as a very experienced Dom – so he says. If I was a psychiatrist I would have a field day with this guy. Flying Dom is not single he’s married he has been married for three years. He has been with his wife nine years. He’s training to be a commercial pilot and he also drives uber. He loves driving uber because it gives him the best alibi to get out and cheat on his wife by having sex with his sub.

So flying Dom started out helping me understand this world because I was curious. He told me many things.

He told me (copy and paste)
‘I wannafuck u here,on wifes sideof thebed,when she has no idea….i wanna make u feel tbe betrayal,being part of it! And i know deep down it would get u wet’

Righteo then ….

He gave me tasks…

I needed to send him photos of my feet. One front on and one side on to see my arches. I must always be pedicured. He has a foot fetish. I must wear specific sheer stockings with no reinforced toes as he likes to suck my toes then have me ‘rub his cock with my feet’ afterwards..


He asked me what name I wish to be called and my choices were ‘slut’ or ‘whore’. (I chose whore… I felt the lesser evil). He showed me photos of him with past subs After each one sent, I was ordered to tell him what I felt when I saw it. The first was a woman naked. She wore the specific stockings. Her hands were restrained above her head as she lay vulnerable on the bed. He was standing over her at her feet taking the photo. On her torso was written his name and ‘whore’ with a date (for the sake of privacy let’s say ‘flying dom’s whore 02:01:16)

I replied ‘you would write on me?’
He said ‘yes, would you like this?’

I replied ‘I’m not sure I’m comfortable with this’

I also said ‘she has nice boobs’. (Well she did and that’s what I thought of and told him … Like a ‘Good Girl’)

The next photo was of a woman on her knees beside his legs wearing a collar. She had her head on his legs and was looking up at him. The leash was in his hands. She was naked apart from the stockings.

My response was
‘I like your sense of fashion’.

I knew this was not what the wanted to hear! He wanted to corrupt me and sense I was uncomfortable with these things because he likes to have control. I also had good intuition telling me that he was a text book narcissist and he clearly takes pride in his appearance. Giving him such a compliment, I waited for his response. He could have lost patience with my lack of sexual focus, but he proved me right. He replied that many of his friends call him a fashionista (although he did not spell it correctly … Just sayin!) He liked that I noticed. Ok 2 photos down and I’ve avoided lying saying that they excite me…. Next!

Next was a woman licking his balls
‘I see a nice penis’
He said he loves having ‘his balls licked and his arse rimmed’

Ok then…. Haha so I ask
‘Do I have to have anal?’

He replied ‘not if you don’t want to’
PHEW! (Not that I’ll ever meet him but role playing this persona still makes me feel this way!)

Next photo, and there is a woman with her stocking-clad feet on his (unfit) belly. They are both naked on their backs butt cheek to butt cheek or in this case she is lifted and he is inside her. He claimed to be showing me this pick so I can see the toes on the stockings. (Oh ok and you just happened to be inside her vagina… Rookie error? #Eyeroll)

I looked at their ‘bits’ and I asked ‘Does sir wear a condom?’

His reply (copy paste)
‘I hate condoms to be honest,vut im clean,regularly get tested both by civil aviation,and also myself too just to be sure’

Ummm Hahahaha ok then? I am yet to meet a human who says ‘OMG Hell Yeah… I bloody LOVE condoms! Best thing ever! They don’t kill the mood. They feel amazing and they don’t irritate my skin at all. I especially enjoy that rubber taste!’ Oh COME ON … Cause you need to have your penis clear of STIs to fly an aircraft so they test you? .. Ah-ha… Sure buddy …

He said to me
‘U want a secret?’
I say ‘Another one sir?’
He says
‘Thats my best friends wife!’

And with that, I wanted to vomit
I asked how long and he said 2.5 years.
I asked did they stop because his ‘best friend’ found out but no, he doesn’t know. What a top bloke!!!

Flying Dom was clearly happy with himself.

I’m my head I said… And…. He is fucking his ‘best friends’ wife behind his back, his wife’s back and with no protection.

This narcissistic man is evil.

He said that he had to live with his wife so he doesn’t want to be judged by her his whole life. Therefore he seeks his fetishes elsewhere and gets off on her not knowing. I question this internally. As a woman who has known this man for nine years, surely she knows something. Perhaps she overlooks it and lives in her happy vanilla bubble..

imageOne scenario he spoke of often was bringing home a stranger and him watching as I’m blind folded and violated by a stranger I cannot see. Then the other guy leaves and he ‘reclaims’ me as his own.

He demanded we meet and knew I was nearby due to tinder working via GPS
He was driving uber and told me to meet him outside for five minutes.

Flying Dom
‘And i still would love u to step out for 5 min to say hi! Its a good opportunity to meet face to face….and i want u to!’

‘Not tonight. Plenty of time for that’

Flying Dom
‘I didn’t ask if you can… I said I want you to, and I want you to be the obliging sub and show me that you want this as much as I do. And I expect you to say yes sir and to come out for 5 minutes’

I managed to avoid him as I was in a bit of pain massaging my back. #closecall

I asked
‘May I ask.. Do you feel guilty lying to your wife?
It sounds like you very much love her regardless’

His reply
‘Im in peace with my urges and desires and i believe what they dont know wouldnt hurt them. This is my life, and we live once….i refuse to abide the norms that society enforce upon us,and morals that are accepted to be followed..like i said, i get off on doing things against norms and morals and getting away with it,i find a great thrill in it. So,no, not guilty…just excitement,thrill and satisfaction’

He asked me
‘When did you last fuck someone? And how many guys in last 30 days? (The more the better i get off on my lovers adventures)’

I made up a reply that he liked

He asked
What did you think about me being there in front of you,have you in doggy,and kiss you passionately all when you were getting fucked by a stranger….and he leaves’

I questioned it
He replied
‘Yet with me you will allow a stranger come and use you as you were vulnerable’

Next request
I wanna see ur wet pussy!’

(It was far from wet but he didn’t need to know)

And I get a photo of his penis excited

FYI I said that i needed to go and work and would talk later #novagpicsforyou

Whilst I was talking to Flying Dom, I matched with ‘hmm whatever’. Whatever is a Dom but he showed me not everyone is evil like Flying Dom. We chatted in text on kik and he was very different. We all have our individual ‘things’

He was polite and open.
‘Whatever’ likes to please. He gets off on giving pleasure and being in control of it/you.

In his profile he mentioned ‘poly’ so I asked him did he have multiple relationships. He is not married but has 2 main Subs and a couple of casual playmates. He by all accounts seemed very sweet and respectful. He came across as very open and honest and hapy with his lifestyle. He sent me a profile photo and he is not pretty! He is an old school biker looking guy with a ZZ Top style beard…. Ewww

Whatever showed me that there are nice men around who just have fetishes and desires. Most want to be in control of giving pleasure as well as controlling how they are pleasured. It’s a whole new world to me and there is plenty more to come… I have many stories to blog about so please keep connected!

As for Flying Dom
I feel like he justified his actions and infidelities by calling his pet a whore. Branding her, violating her. Watching her get used by strange men. Doing it on his wife’s side of the bed. He justifies it by being his ‘whores’ fault. She did it not him. He gets off on someone feeling guilty for him too. One very messed up evil man!


Be careful whose uber you climb into ladies!!!!

*** Disclaimer***

i have not treated every connection made through this as a potential ‘blog story’.  Some men I have connected with deserve far more respect than that and I act accordingly

❤️ Single Cass


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