My Knight in Shining Armour!


After starting this blog an old friend got in touch saying he’s got someone in mind and would I be open to suggestions.

What’s better than a friend setting you up!

So a few days later I received an email from Knight.


I literally knew nothing except his name and email address. Of course the first thing to do is Google them and stalk them on Facebook!

Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

He seems funny if anything and my friend is a great guy and wouldn’t set me up with a looney so what’s there to lose.

Knight suggested a walk and brunch Sunday morning. Oooh a morning date – a first.

This set up meant that he potentially knew a lot about me and I instead was in the dark.

He asked me to meet him at Pembroke Lodge in Richmond Park and I said “you’ll have to recognise me since I have no idea what you look like!”

His reply “I’ll recognise you even out of the fitness lycra ….I hope. I’ll work out how I can make myself obvious!”

I pulled into the car park a couple of minutes late (Sunday morning + glorious sunshine + Richmond park = a lot of cyclists, runners and cars) got out of my car and turned around to see a handsome man riding a white horse towards me!

Talk about making himself stand out! My heart was pounding. OMG OMG OMG my knight in shining armour (well there wasn’t any armour actually, just a Barbour coat)!

“Naomi”… I just stood there, mouth open… then kind of giggled.

He reached down, took hold of my hand and pulled me up, my legs swinging round and onto the horse behind him.

Isn’t this the stuff of films?!


Actually, yes it is. That didn’t happen at all! But a horse does feature in this story…

I pulled up in my car and found a text from Barnaby* saying he was queuing for coffee and did I want one. I walked over to the kiosk as at that moment he turned around. “Naomi, I got you a coffee, not sure if you wanted one?”

Yes, thank you. Sunday morning date. I definitely want a coffee!

Barnaby is a fair bit taller than me, brown hair and green eyes (which I love) and definitely older than me. I find out he’s 40 later on, which is ok…around my upper limit. We set off for a walk around Richmond park trying to avoid being knocked over by all the cyclists.

We talked very easily with a lot in common and joking around a bit. At one point a horse with rider came charging towards us and as he was doing so Barnaby said “Oh that’s my house mate. I know he rides but never seen him out.” His housemate was overwhelmingly posh and after a couple of minutes of chit chat off he rode.

We continued to walk and decided for a more off-piste route to avoid the crowds. Circling back to Pembroke Lodge we stopped in at the cafe, sat on a bench in the gardens at the back with a beautiful view.

Barnaby knew about this blog – he’s been the only one so far to know, not because I told him but our mutual friend Matt had. He didn’t want his real name used because of his job which is fair enough and I wouldn’t have anyway. Barnaby was his choice of name.

He was so easy to talk with and interesting conversation at that, but there wasn’t a spark.

We said our farewells and parted company. I would have seen him again – everyone deserves a second date – but I didn’t hear from him again and I didn’t feel inclined to be in touch.

Sadly we didn’t ride off into the sunset on this occasion… the search continues.


SingleNaomi x

*Not his real name.



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