Tinder Takeover!


My time on Tinder is not all serious looking for ‘the one’. 

I have to admit that sometimes I do just amuse myself on Tinder. 

And sometimes friends do a Tinder Takeover.
The following conversations happened in the early hours after a heavy night celebrating the birthday of one of my dear friends.

The conversations were mostly conducted by an Australian male friend with other people adding the occasional hilarious suggestion. 

I will not be held responsible for you peeing your pants when you read this…


That was the end of that conversation.

And then there was this one: 

We didn’t talk seriously…

Then there was:


And all in one night in the early hours of the morning 🙈


3 thoughts on “Tinder Takeover!

  1. Ann

    Probably shouldn’t have read this whilst in bed drinking coffee, just spat it everywhere in fits of belly aching laughter! ROFL!!!


  2. janice ming

    Thanks for the post! On the train from a weekend of ante and post natal training, just laughed out loud reading this, lucky not many people on the train.

    I didn’t read this when it first landed in my inbox as I was in the middle of my course, in hindsight I should have read it as it put a huge smile on my face, so would have made the course more enjoyable (with me being in a better mood) Thank you ladies 🙂


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