Was cold a good choice?


This is Part 5

Check out the rest of the story first if you haven’t already:

Part 1: My own Fifty Shades

Part 2: You’ve been a naughty girl haven’t you?

Part 3: Would you want me exclusively for you? 

Part 4: Sir or Master. I want you to always remember who is in control.


What are your plans for the whole day tomorrow? Dom asked me. After I’d told him he said he’d send me a new task by midday.

“It’s time I heard your voice. I want you to leave me a voice note. You’re going to tell me your favourite part of the story so far. It doesn’t have to be too long, but at least 20 seconds. You have until 4pm.”

I kind of wanted to see if anything would happen or if he’d say anything if I left it until after 4pm. So I was late. I sent it. Felt like a bit of an idiot but we’ve gone this far so what the heck.

No punishment. I got a “Good girl.” Then he went on “I’m guessing that’s the first time you’ve verbalised your thoughts on the story out loud.”

Me: “You’d guess right.”

Me (in my head): Oh, you have no idea that the world is reading it all…and although I’m not talking out loud about what’s happening some of my thoughts are being put out there. And, I’m a girl, come on, you really think I haven’t talked to my mates about this?!

He’s probably more talking about whether I’ve spoken words about exactly what I liked in the story, which to be fair, I haven’t been that specific.

He wanted to know if I had any particular thoughts on the task. If thinking about the story again had been a good thing or if was indifferent.

His next task made me laugh…

“I want you to read the next part with other people. Now I suspect you don’t like being rude and I also hate people staring at their phones, however I want you to tell me how it made you feel, how your body reacted and whether it was more exciting than reading it in private.”

The reason it made me laugh is because I’ve already done this, several times.

I’ve read the stories on the tube and missed my stop (a couple of times). The previous part of the story I read at a restaurant out with Minx* and Rose*. They totally know all about this and it was a topic of conversation.

He wanted to know at that moment when I read it in public what is racing through my mind and how my body feels.

I obliged and the following day received the next part of the story at a convenient time (remember I chose cold).


“Good choice” he says as he palm rests on your cheek, leaning in to softly kiss your lips.

With your hands tied, he grabs the blindfold and places it gently over your eyes, you lean forward to make it easier for him to tie it behind your head. Mentally you start to acknowledge just how much you love him in control of what happens. You smile as you find yourself in darkness again but now you’re unable to move and completely vulnerable to him.

You hear ice cubes rattle in the bucket, it clicks, a sharp intake of breath and you mentally question if cold was a good choice.

You feel his presence again, he gently places the ice cube on your lips, you start to open your mouth, but he removes it. It runs down your neck, it’s cold, so very cold, your body tries it’s best to move, but you know it’s pointless. You have to let him do what he wants to do.

The ice cube runs towards your nipple, already hard, your breathing now sharp and quick as it circles your areola. Grabbing a second ice cube, it runs down your right arm. The instant it touches your skin, it’s so cold, but your body heat counters it quicker now, you start to love the contrasting feeling to your hot blood inside your body.

Both ice cubes held on your nipples, he leans in for another kiss, “You going to tell me to be careful again?” Feeling somewhat daring and wondering what else he’ll do, you reply “Yes Sir”. You hear his laugh, he grabs two fresh ice cubes, but this time they don’t return to your nipples…


Me (in my head ’cause I’m sitting on the tube surrounded by people): Phwoah! I just want you to continue!

I get totally engrossed in the story and switch off to everything else around me. Sometimes I wonder if someone looks over my shoulder and reads it what they will think, not because I care, but because I just wonder what they would feel.

I’m quite aware of my body whether I’m alone or in public, I guess that comes with my job – or rather that’s what I learned through dance and is what makes me good at my job – so being in public didn’t make my physical and mental reaction any more noticeable.


(Just out of interest where have you been reading these stories dear reader? Tell me below!)


The following morning I found the next part of the story waiting for me…

Surrounded by darkness, he watches your deep slow breathing, as your breasts rise and fall. He places them on your toned navel, you do your best to keep still, but they don’t stay there for long as you feel them disappear.

They are slowly placed on your legs, just above the buckle of your heels, you feel them being pushed upwards with a hand on each leg, feeling a trail of cold water on your leg. As it inches further up your leg, running along your inner thighs, it makes you shiver, but again it disappears.

You let out a moan and let your body relax, signalling to him that you enjoyed it, before you feel an ice cube between your legs, placed just inside you. Your reaction is the strongest so far, your shoulders dig into the bed as your hips arch upwards, anticipating your reaction he holds the ice cube in place, watching as your body settles.

He removes the ice cube, lifting the blindfold over your eyes, he looks at you without saying a word. Your eyes search his, your mouth slightly open, it’s so intense. You don’t know what to say. Whether you should say anything. You just want him to continue…


Me (in my head): I wonder what that feels like. Do I have any ice cubes? No… (TMI everyone? Sorry…!) That is seriously hot…




He slides a hand between your legs, it’s wet from the ice cubes he was holding as it gently slides up n down your soaking wet pussy. Fingers tracing from top to bottom, gently pushing on your clit, before sliding further down, teasing you, pushing just the tips of two fingers in before pulling them and sliding his hands back up again. All the while his eyes watching yours, watching your lips quiver, letting out the softest moans.

You find you can reach the bed post with your hands, each wrapped around one, you squeeze just a little higher as he rubs your clit harder and faster now. He places his second hand between your legs, with it, slowly, ever so gently sliding two fingers inside, your juices making it so easy for him.

Now you’re really gripping the bed post, with both of his hands working effortlessly edging you closer to your second orgasm. As you spread your legs as wide as you can, arch your back, lifting your arse off the bed, he STOPS…you watch as he brings his fingers to his mouth, sliding both in his mouth, “mmmm” before sliding the blindfold back down over your eyes.

You feel his presence leave your side, but tied up and blindfolded all you can do is wait, and you do with a throbbing wet pussy, how dare he not let you cum…

He runs two fingers from your forehead, past your lips, right down the centre of your body, it’s drenched in sweat, it’s been so intense and you just want more…then you hear an electric whirring sound, it doesn’t second for you to recognise it, he can’t tell, but your eyes open wide under the blindfold….he’s brought toys…


SingleNaomi x

You’re welcome ladies 😉

*Not their real names. Meet Minx and Rose here.



3 thoughts on “Was cold a good choice?

  1. Minx

    I would go heat..! Hot wax dripping onto your aroused skin. The pain – pleasure sensation – mind blowing! I would imagine…


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