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imageI recently received this message on Facebook from a guy I chatted to quite a lot but never met ages ago online.  Yeah he ghosted me!

Anyway he has given me complete permission to share this with you as long as it remains anonymous … It’s a great read, and for us #singlegirlsdating it’s a great insight into the other side… Enjoy and thank you my old friend ❤️

“Hey Cass. How’s life? Love your blog but I recon you’ll get waaaay more traction if you girls do a vlog. I wrote a piece on online dating for a book last year. Thought you might enjoy reading. Feel free to use what you what but keep me anonymous please…

Pick up my phone – check my messages – read my emails – look at social media – enter the love/hate world of tinder – masturbate.
That was my daily ritual before and after sleep for the past year.

I’m a fairly successful, fun and adventurous 39 year old man who loves his family and friends more than life itself but I have a secret…I’m a Tinder addict.

Coming out of a long-term relationship and living on the Gold Coast, my good mate told me I HAVE to go on Tinder to meet some women and have some fun…so I did. I uploaded my favorite pics and wrote some facts that I thought would interest the opposite gender. “Ok, let’s do this”, I told myself.

What initially amazed me was the sheer number of stunning girls on there. Now I’m not the fittest or best looking guy in the world but it didn’t take me long to start matching and spark up conversations.

First date: I had literally been out of the game, and the country for many a long year so I suggested that my date chose the spot. So off I go…I arrive, it’s packed, I find her sitting next to another guy, from the site, and it’s inside a strip club. WTF??? Is this what people actually do on first dates these days? The other guy was freaked out as much as me and it didn’t take us long to work out that she wanted a threesome, and she was bi as she kept getting lap dances for herself.

imageThe following 3 months resulted in more dates than I can remember and $19,000 spent on restaurants, drinks, hotels, gifts and getaways. I know, I know…don’t tell me. It was ballistic but true and a whole lot of fun. I was like a kid in a candy store, however things needed to be toned down as it was taking over my life. I can’t tell you how much that $19k would come in handy now but you can’t live with regrets, hey.

Sex: I’m not going to tell you how many women I’ve slept with since joining Tinder because it’s no one else’s business, but the ages range from 18 – 55 (she was 35 on her profile) and without sounding like a tool, I’ve experienced the delights from New Zealand, UK, Canada, USA, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, South Africa, Norway, Holland, Spain, Russia, Poland, Brazil, France and of course Australia. And in case you’re wondering, I’m disease free.

imageMaybe 40% of the women on Tinder will write something about themselves on their profile. I’d say 50% of those will state: not here for one nighters or hookups. Of those, over 80% will have sex on the first date. It’s an interesting psychology and I often wonder if they write that so their friends and potential dates don’t assume they’re a slut. I actually hate that word because if you think about it, couples in a relationship will, or at least can have sex everyday. Women that are single and love sex deserve the right to fulfil their needs without scrutiny from others or be labeled with a deplorable word. Entering the fantasy zone with their middle digits or favorite battery charged friend is no doubt pleasant but it can’t compare to the real thing, right?!

I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some truly amazing women on Tinder, including three that I keep in touch with regularly and now consider good friends. Two just didn’t workout and the other is simply not in the country. However, I would swap all the girls on there for just one that I share a strong connection with and call my girlfriend. So that annoying red flame on the tinder app lures me in like a hit for a drug addict, hoping I’ll find my special woman.

Sydney = Next Level: I remember the first time I flew down to Sydney, checking out the view from the cab and the talent on tinder. It literally blew my mind. Absolute glamours, swipe after swipe. Back home I’d be lucky if I got 1 match to every 30 right swipes but in Sydney…OMFG, I was on at least a 90% strike rate.

By the time I arrived at my hotel about 30mins from the airport, I had about 15 matches and when I woke up the next day, I saw the app had 73 matches and messages. That was simply freakish so I had to screenshot my phone and send it to my best mate. I don’t know if there is a severe drought of men in Sydney but there’s clearly a fierce competition going on. It’s like a role reversal and unlike any other city because the women in Sydney normally message first and ask you to meet.


So Tinder you little rascal…you’ve given me an emotional roller coaster but it’s time we part ways. You’ve transformed the dating game and injected the economy throughout the planet, especially in restaurants, bars and leisure activities, so well done you for that. I can’t be sure that our paths won’t cross in the future but I really, really, reeeeeeally hope that we never meet again”


One thought on “A SingleMAN dating

  1. Interesting…! I think the experience we all have on Tinder (or whatever app or site you use) has a lot to do with what you’re looking for and where you’re at in life. Thanks for sharing Mr Anonymous Tinder Dater 🙂


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