Eyes Guy Intro



If Carrie had ‘Big’ I had ‘Amazing Eyes Guy’

This guy will pop in and out of blogs
It’s the story of over a year and a half of my life

Meanwhile…In Australia

I was walking through an empty school yard looking for a venue to hold a Zumba event. School holidays had begun and the school gates were open which surprised me.

The venue space was perfect but my timing – not so much! I heard a noise coming from up further and meandered around in that direction. I saw a work ute and a pair of legs, no body.

I called out a shy ‘hello?’

A head belonging to the legs popped up from behind the ute and looked in my direction. I found myself gasping for breath momentarily. That moment literally made me stop and made my heart beat faster.

I am not too good at these things but this was something unusual. I was dressed terribly. I had just taught a stretch and strength class with young dancers and was not wearing too much. I hadn’t planned on dropping into the school. I drove by and saw it and went in, thinking no one would see me. I had been drenched in sweat and had my hair in a messy pile on my head. It is in these moments you wish you thought the potential of a random meeting like this through better… Too late now

Anyway, I explained why I was there and if there may be an after hours number he knows of, that I could call being school holidays. He was there overseeing school renovations but did know the administration staff would be there on Monday and suggested I call then.

Off I ran to my car.
(Literally RAN!!!)

I had a FB group conversation running and wrote in there to tell them about the venue as we were keeping updates regular. I also mentioned the man with amazing eyes. Of course that’s all they heard and after some back and forth they ganged up on me and dared me to go back and talk to him. Not believing I was doing it, I got out of my car and feeling the nervous sweat building up, I walked back up.

He was gone, car still there.

I took a deep breath and called out ‘hello?’ He appeared from the balcony upstairs and came back down to be in front of me. I was SO nervous. I said ‘OK, I went back to my car and messaged my friends about the venue and I may have added that there was a guy here with amazing eyes… They told me I had to tell you that you have amazing eyes.so you have amazing eyes…’ He said ‘Thank You my name is ‘Eye Guy’ *name changed to protect identity haha

I introduced myself and he said ‘would you like the phone number for the lady who looks after the hall bookings?’ I said that I would love that (at the same time as I questioned in my head, why didn’t he say so earlier?  Insert imagined eye roll).image

I said thank you and nervously said good bye and started walking off.

His eyes were even better up close! I saw so much within them. Pain, heart break, love, fun and passion.

i was stopped in my tracks when I heard the words … ‘Would you also like my number?’

I stopped and turned back to him. ‘Eye Guy’ how old are you?’ He told me and he was within my age range ✔️. Next I asked ‘Eye Guy – are you single or ACTUALLY single?’   He said ‘I am very single’. 😬✔️
I shyly said ‘OK then’ I said good bye and ran off in my hot sweaty nervous mess back to the safety of my car. Then I breathed. ✔️✔️✔️

I went out with my girlfriends Laura and Josie that night. (*names NOT changed to protect privacy!)  We were sitting eating dinner in Broadbeach and I told them the story. Laura said ‘So have you messaged him?’ I said ‘Nooooooo!’ So they bullied me into doing so. I went to find his number and realised I was that nervous I don’t even remember saving his number. I had no recollection at all of doing it but knew somehow I was taking it so I must have. But did I save it???? I went through all the ‘Eye Guys’ names in my contact list. (I have a lot of contacts in my phone due to work clients). I had one that stood out as it was just a first name and it was iPhone ‘blue’. I looked at it and the last numbers sounded familiar.

I started a text ‘Hi if this is ‘Eye Guy’ from ‘Blah Blah’ I met today who has amazing eyes, this is Cass. If not, I’m so embarrassed right now!!!’

I saw a text bubble being written straight away. The reply was awesome ‘Yes it is and don’t be embarrassed. I haven’t stopped smiling all day, you made my day. Will you have dinner with me tomorrow night?’

This question started tumultuous times ahead, the best first kiss ever, painful emptiness, incredible elation, continual confusion, smiles for days, hospitals, passion, patience, intense connection, sadness, loyalty, love, understanding, letting go.

image.jpegWe went to Eat Street Markets on our second date. It was busy, full of people as we nervously walked beside each other trying to not get lost in the crowd. Whenever we lost each other momentarily we always managed to find each other’s eyes and smile. It was like we could just sense where each other was and reconnect. Eventually I asked could I hold his arm and he admitted ages later ‘that night at Eat Street when you held my arm, I loved it’. We wandered around, ate fun food, felt like teenagers crushing on each other and I drove him back to where I picked him up from.

I parked my car and we sat for a while and chatted. I have to admit, it was the first time in a long time that I was so excited about a man. Did he have all the check list things I would like to mark off in a perfect ‘ideal man for Cass’ world?  No, he was taller although I wouldn’t call him tall, perhaps the same height when I’m in heels. He was fit although I think he thought he was more buff than I would say.. Can’t spell – yes I know but it’s important to me!!! Stylish and fashionable ? Not really but passable. More ‘attractive’ than handsome. There was just something that drew me to him and if I’m honest in hindsight, I saw pain and turmoil in those eyes and I am drawn to the ones with broken wings. I see everything in ones eyes. There was much passion in them too.

He leaned over and kissed me by surprise. I was instantly shy but I fell under a spell. When he said goodbye, and that he had an awesome night thanking me, he got out and I drove off. I pulled over once around the corner to catch my breath. My belly was full of butterflies, my heart was racing fast and I couldn’t keep driving. I was looking forward to the next text, the next chat, the next date and of course the next kiss. I was on top of the world… Then my sister messaged me …

❤️ Cass


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