Sir or Master. I want you to always remember who is in control.


This is Part 4.

Read parts 1-3 first if you haven’t already:

My Own Fifty Shades

You’ve Been a Naughty Girl Haven’t You?

Would you want me exclusively for you?

PLEASE NOTE THERE IS EXPLICIT SEXUAL CONTENT IN THIS POST. Don’t read on if you wouldn’t feel comfortable reading it.


As he helps you to your feet, your eyes remain locked on his cock, glistening with your saliva, you’re proud of your effort as a wry smile crosses your face. He steps back, he admires your perfectly toned naked body, his hands caressing your soft arms, leaning in to kiss your lips hard, his body pushing against yours as you fall onto the bed behind you.

He looks into your eyes, this time the kiss on your lips is alot more gentle, the tongue battling yours as his hands play with your breasts. Slowly kissing his way down your neck, down past your navel, he inches towards your wet pussy, he stops short. You want his mouth to explore your sweet wet pussy just as he explored every inch of your body.

He drops to his knees between your legs, each hand grabbing an ankle, running his fingers over the studs of your heels. As they reach the buckle, you wonder if he’ll take them off, you love your heels and he loves them too, so his hand continue to slide up your stocking covered calves. As he moves up to your thighs, you feel him position your legs over his shoulders.

It’s his turn to salivate. He licks his lips, you spread your legs as much as you can whilst resting on his shoulders. He leans in, with his arms wrapping around your legs, his lips caress your wet pussy. Gently kissing it, his tongue tentatively exploring, darting in n out as he head slides up n down. You feel his face settling in, you can tell he wants to explore this part of your body a lot.

As you feel his tongue becoming a little more aggressive, he begins to flick your clit, back n forth, left to right, his lips enclosed around your wet pussy. You feel a hand let go of your legs, desperate for him not to move, your hands reach between your legs and grip his hair, moaning to give him signs of encouragement.

You feel two fingers slide against your now soaking wet pussy lips, it doesn’t take long for them to covered in your sweet juice. You notice his mouth hasn’t left your clit at all, as two fingers slide inside you, you moan. It feels so good. His fingers sliding in n out deep and slowly, before he changes pace, alot faster but with his tongue slowing down around your clit and sucking on it more…. your hands let go of his hair, they’re gripping the bed sheet now, your breathing is becoming erratic, you don’t know if you should moan or breath, you feel legs pulling him in closer, you don’t want his tongue or hand to stop….
Close your eyes.

The left side of your neck. Teeth gently sinking in, not enough to make a mark, but enough to make you moan softly. With a hand gripping your firm arse and another entangled in your hair, You feel a tongue moving, “N” you hear whispered before I start “A”…

I know this doesn’t ‘do it’ for everyone. I know some people think it’s weird to write about this. But it’s one of those things where the thought of doing it is actually worse than doing it!

I shared the first few messages with Cassie and she said “you have to share this on the blog!”

Isn’t it a bit much? I wondered. What will people think? Honestly I don’t know much of what people are thinking except the few brave enough to comment or those who talk to me in private. But it doesn’t actually matter. As with almost everything that happens in my life – your life – it’s personal. It’s an experience.

Someone commented ‘I had no idea you were so kinky Naomi!’

Let’s be clear. I haven’t done this stuff. At the moment I’m having an open conversation with someone about it with a curious mind. Yes, I find it arousing to read (but then I think anyone with an imagination who has read it probably finds it arousing…Unless they find it too offensive or disgusting to read in the first place!) No judgement from me either way.

I think he’s being ‘kind’ to me so far. Breaking me gently, to what is a world that can be very kinky.

Out with the girls we giggled over it and shared experiences. One who has experienced this more and another who hasn’t at all and finds it all a bit much. Just like Cass who said she would have deleted him ages ago!

Do I know if I will meet him? No,  I don’t know yet.

I asked him: What do you want me to call you?

Dom: Sir or Master. I want you to always remember who is in control. Is that something you like the idea of?

Me: Master no because it implies I’m a slave. Sir is ok but might make me giggle.

Me (in my head): I will totally laugh if I ever say that!

Dom: I have a task for you. I want you to tell me about your single best and worst sexual experience. Providing detail as to why they are so good/bad…

I replied and he then confirmed he’d understood correctly by repeating it back on his words. Great listening skills 😉

Just as you feel yourself about to go over the edge, he stops. You look down at him, the frustration evident on your face, catching your breath back you can’t even speak, he just smiles back at you… he stands up, leans over your naked body, inches from your lip, eyes looking into yours, he whispers “I control this body” as a hand slides past your breasts, down your navel, and 2 fingers slide in for the briefest of moments.

He sits on the chair in the corner of the room, stroking his cock using your juices from your soaking wet pussy. You’ve caught your breath back and as you stand up from the bed, your legs wobble; God, why did he stop, you wonder.

He instructs you to go towards him, as you reach him, eyes fixated on his cock, “Sit on it.” A big smile, you love being on top, “Yes Sir!” As you straddle his legs, he stops you and grabbing his cock, he rubs it against your soaking wet pussy “fuck me Sir”. With both hands on your hips, he lowers you onto his cock, it’s a perfect fit, it slides in to you so easily, no wonder given how wet he’s made you. His hands release your hips, he wants you to enjoy yourself, and you certainly do as you start to bounce on his cock, your arms wrapped around his neck, he can feel your erratic breathing.

His hands move up to your breasts, squeezing and playing with them, almost in rhythm with your movements. As your bounces become harder and deeper, he decides he wants control and with each hand on your hips, he moves your body up n down faster, all the while, his face is buried in your neck, kissing and licking it, taking turns on each side.

It’s working, you know it’s going to make you cum, your moans becoming louder. He pulls your hair back, he looks into your eyes “cum for me” and kisses your lips hard, as you feel your toes curl, legs seizing up and almost completely stop bouncing. You have no choice but to break away from his lips to try and catch a breath, he wraps his arms around your body, cock still buried inside you, hugging you until you feel stable.

Me: I liked that…

Dom: Good. Anything you’d change?

Me: If it was up to me I wouldn’t just go hard and deep. I’d change it up a bit. Other than that, no.

Dom: But we both it won’t be up to you… you’d be my toy and I can choose how to play with and pleasure you.

Me (in my head): Hmmm…that might have just been a little too much.

Dom: Look forward to your next task tomorrow
He usually texts me in the morning. I waited all day and heard nothing.

Me: I was expecting to hear something from you

Dom: I apologise. I had a task in mind, but I didn’t think it was appropriate yet.


Obviously then I was thinking what on earth he was going to ask me to do!

Dom: Would the next instalment make amends?

As he helps you to your feet, still in your heels and knees weak from cumming so hard, he takes you to the bed and lifts you up before laying you down in the middle. He leans over you, “stay right there” you nod, no longer feeling uneasy about what might happen next, in fact only excited.

He leaves you briefly, only to return with what looks like silk rope. He climbs on to the bed, straddling your chest, he looks down at you, “time for some fun.” You nervously smile, as he runs his hand down your left arm, holding the wrist and tying it to the bed post. He does the same with the other wrist.

He runs both hands down your arms, grabbing each breast, thumb caressing each nipple. Your legs writhe around, he notices. He gets off the bed, he grabs the top of your thigh with both hands, running them slowly over your perfectly toned thighs and calves, he places the rope around your ankle and onto the bed post.

Almost completely powerless, he goes round to other side and does the same, grazing one of the studs on your favourite heels, you blurt out “careful.” He snaps his head to look into your eyes, saying nothing. You’ve awoken a beast, and you’re nervously excited. As he finishes the last knot, he looks down at you, spread eagled on the bed. He strokes the hair away from your eyes and says “Hot or Cold?”…

Me: Cold


To be continued….




What would you have chosen?

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