You’ve been a naughty girl haven’t you?


I look forward to receiving messages from Dom. He teases me, asking me a question and then saying I’ll get the next part later so I have to wait. Then when I see his name pop up in my message notifications a smile crosses my face and is accompanied by biting my lip (am getting looks when I’m out and about!)

So the story continues… (missed the first part? Read it first here)



Dom continues:

Your body is incredible. You want someone to take their time, explore every crevice, watch your face for reactions, knowing exactly when and how much pressure to apply with a hand or tongue. It should be slow and purposeful.
The side of your neck, tracing your nipples with a tongue, running a hand down your slender navel, caressing your inner thigh.. All while your hands are tied to a bed post, giving you only the ability to moan and move your legs to show just how much you like it…

You feel his hand leave your knickers, you spoke, without permission. You feel his hands on on your head, deep breathes as you feel the blindfold becoming loose. As it falls to the floor, your eyes search his, should you say something, and just as you’re about to, he places a finger against your lips and feel his soft kiss on your cheek.

He takes your hand and leads you to the table with the mirror on it. You look to him for guidance as he places your hands on the edge of the table. “You’ve been a naughty girl haven’t you?”

It clicks, you know what he’s going to do next, as you grip the edge of the table and arch your back and wait, “Yes Sir”. You see his smile in the mirror, admiring your perfectly shaped arse as he caresses it with both hands.

Feeling his hands rest on your hips, the material stretches slightly as it slides down your arse, lifting your leg up one by one slowly to release your knickers…
Watching in the mirror as his hand rises in the air *smack* it lands firmly on your left cheek. A sharp intake of breath, your hands grip of the table tightening as you steady your legs, “sorry Sir” as you exhale.

A wry little smile crosses your lips, you liked it, in fact you loved it, you desperately wanted another. He notices. This time it’s the right cheek, it feels even harder. You can feel it going red.

You’ve been a naughty girl and you deserve a punishment, but God do you love this punishment. “Sorry Sir” wondering if it’s over you wait patiently in the same position, watching him in the mirror, his hand slides down the small of your back, his hand gently slides between your arse cheeks, feeling just how wet you are.

He leans into your hair, whispering into your ear “you must play by my rules Naomi”

As you stand up, your arse cheeks red with that soft stinging feeling, you’ve realised he really is in charge. He turns you around, standing there with a bra, stockings and heels on, you see the smile on his face.

He reaches around and unhook your bra, watching it fall to the floor his eyes are fixated on your hard nipples, you can only watch his eyes, trying to anticipate what he wants to do with your almost naked body. Grabbing both breasts he squeezes and tugs on them hard, pulling your nipples every so often.

You concentrate on keeping your heels steady as his hand slides between your legs, rubbing your wet pussy hard, deeply sliding two fingers in every so often. You let out a moan, you love him man-handling you. He grabs your hand and places it on his crotch, you can feel his cock already getting hard, you stroke it back n forth, looking deep into his eyes, licking your lips.

He places both hands on your shoulders and applying some pressure you ease down to your knees. You look up at him, your mouth salivating, then stare at the belt, waiting for him to instruct you to do what you desperately want to do.

He slowly nods, your hands quickly undoing the belt and unzipping the trouser, pulling them to the floor. You stare at his cock, you want it in your mouth, you want to pleasure Sir, you want to prove what a good girl you’ll be…


After that last part of the story Dom sends me a text saying ‘I’ve decided you will see me now and decide if you’d like to continue the story…’

So up until this point I had no idea what he looked like (it did cross my mind that he was either super ugly or possibly a woman who likes to write erotica)… but no, he’s a guy and not bad looking. Kind of average. So then I felt able to ask him more questions about what this is like for him and what he expects.

It’s all very straight forward talking which I really love: you know exactly where you stand. Bieber’s song ‘What do you mean?’ often comes to mind… but not this time. Dom says what he means and means what he says. No judgement on anything I say. So I feel completely comfortable saying exactly what I think.

This is a big lessons for relationships of any kind and something I highly advocate – clear communication is key!

Dom explained that he’s very selective of who he talks to and even more selective on who he’ll continue the story for. I asked what had made him want to talk to me.

He said: ‘You have an incredible smile. Along with a great body.’

Me (in my head): Why thank you 😉

Dom: Plus based on your profile, you seemed like the time of woman who was independent but needed this part of her life taken charge of. That based on your answers, your past experienced were too ‘nice’ and whilst there was passion, there wasn’t the animal lust.

Me: Fair

Dom: That you want to be taken to a bar and have a hand slid up your dress as he looked into your eyes. That sort of nervous excitement.

Me (in my head): Doesn’t every woman…?!


To be continued….

SingleNaomi x


What do you think ladies? Would you want that?

Read the next part in this story here: Would you want me exclusively for you? 





5 thoughts on “You’ve been a naughty girl haven’t you?

  1. I hate to say it and it’s exciting , but after divorce and I dated many. I experienced a very simalar guy , full of his 50 shades … If you want an escape go got it. But you are a conquest he is enjoying his fantasy chase … When chase is over he will either want to see how far you will go , or move to his next conquest. I am not saying do not go there inam saying he wants adult games and he may have many to bounc around with. He may say let’s meet in Paris or somewhere totally far from home …. I had dinner in Kenya once … No i did not pay a plane ticket arrived !


  2. singlecass

    Naomi is more suited to being able to control her level of comfort here than I would be. The idea of Thai guy scares me. In so sheltered in this way. I would have gotten scared and deleted him ages ago so it’s good to be able to live through your eyes Naomi
    There are sooo many different people out In this big single world of dating

    Liked by 1 person

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