My own Fifty Shades


You can meet all types of people on dating apps – just as in real life – but I suppose you’re exposed to more when you go on an app or website to meet people because you’re opening to pool to people you wouldn’t normally mix with. Different topics of conversation can come up more easily online because you don’t know the person (cringeworthy when you come across a housemate’s profile!) and you won’t have a reaction face-to-face.

Fifty Shades of Grey made us all more aware of BDSM and perhaps curious if we haven’t yet experienced that for ourselves.

I’ve got friends who’ve been to Torture Garden in London (look it up!) One was taken by his girlfriend on a night he was going to split up with her… Another has been with a partner. A guy I dated revealed on our first date that he’d been there with friends (bit weird)… am I missing out? I’m not sure it’s somewhere I’d like to be… but you never know.

So, back to Tinder and Dom…

And then my story began…

Still pressing up against you, desperate to caress his crotch digging into your arse, but you know better, you know the rules.

You feel the silk blindfold slowly come over your head and and cover your eyes, a sharp intake of breath as you lose what little sight you had in the dark room. You breath out, in a way showing him you trust your mind and body to him.

His hands rest on your bare shoulders, fingers slid under the strap of the black dress he instructed you to wear. “I own every inch of this body” as he pushes the straps past your shoulders, feeling the dress slide down your body and crumpling on the floor around your heels. He kneels down, as he does running his hands down your legs,caressing your calls and slowly lifting each leg as he removes the dress out of the way.

You wait patiently, the nervousness disappearing, you feel him inches away from your face, feeling his breath on your lips, you lean forward, he slowly presses his lips against yours…

Going forward I want to make it personal to you, based on your desires… I have some questions for you to answer… Would you like to play?
Me: Sure. Do I get to see what you look like? (I’m a visual person)


1. Do you have past submissive experience?

2. What excites you? Punishment? Giving up control of your body, your body being used for his pleasure? All 3?

3. Bra size? Do you like them being given a lot of attention?

4. Do you prefer to give or receive oral?

5. Do you have any issues with cum? Ie. Swallowing, facials

6. How rough do you like to get?

7. Do you like to play with toys?

8. Do you like anal? Would you try it if you haven’t already?

9. Do you have any secret kinky fetishes? (Be honest, you won’t be judged)

10. Do you like the idea of being watched as you play alone?


You don’t get to see me just yet. The fantasy works a lot better when I’m a mystery


I answered his questions. 


Good girl.

Suddenly your knees already want to give way. He steps back, “Are you going to be a good girl for Sir?” Knowing this is exactly what you want, you whisper “Yes Sir.” “Good answer” he says looking at your body, up n down in complete admiration, you’ve worn the black lacy underwear and stockings like he told you too.

You lick your lips unconsciously wanting him to kiss them again. With a smile he steps forward and kisses you, but this time you feel his his hands on you. Starting at your neck he squeezes gently as the kiss becomes harder, you let out a little moan, his hands slide down a little further, each cupping those beautifully sized breasts. Again squeezing them to make you moan.

He hasn’t stopped kissing you, and you love it. Your hands remain by your side doing your best to not break his rules. His fingers trace your nipples through the lacy bra, they’re already rock hard and desperate to be flicked by his tongue, but his hands release your breasts.
Sliding down your navel, he reaches your knickers, tracing the top of them with his fingers you spread your legs to give him easier access, you’re soaking wet and you want him to know it. He slides two fingers below the fabric, inching closer, your lips stop moving, you want to beg him to slide his hand in fully.

His lips move away from you, with his fingers still barely inside your knickers, blindfolded, you’re powerless to his touch, you bite your lip, you can’t take it anymore…. “Please Sir”…



Just another evening Tinder conversation…

SingleNaomi x

Read the next part in this story here: You’ve been a naughty girl haven’t you?


5 thoughts on “My own Fifty Shades

  1. mashimaro

    oh wow, this is insanely steamy. but what the heck, so you two spent an evening, just messaging each other in an erotic role play scenario? didnt that just turn you on and a tad bit frustrated if anything?

    so…what is the plan for this 50 shades guy? will you be meeting him in person?


    • He’s basically writing a story… I haven’t had much say… He texts me every so often throughout the day so no it’s not endless hours of short messages. Frustrating? No. It’s quite exciting and I wait with anticipation for the next instalment 😉 No plans.


      • mashimaro

        oh i see. so it was more of an one-way-street kinda affair. hmm, kind unusual, so he spent all that time typing all these up, treating this as an erotic story writing class? but with no intention of taking action and ask you out on a proper date?


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