The Dick Pic faux pas


It takes a bit of experience to work out your groove with communication within online dating. Everyone is different in what generates sparks for them, how they like to interact and where their comfort levels lie when it comes to sexual content.

I seem to be a boring prude for the most part. I Unmatch and Block guys like there is an endless supply of eligible men to replace them! I am quite sure there is but let’s be honest, quality is a little harder to find.

I have age limits mostly on the ‘how young is too young’ side. When I was in my thirties I thought those of similar age were quite grown up and mature and those in their forties had no idea about modern concerns and were ‘too old’ . Now I am one of the ‘too old’ crew, I find men in their mid to early thirties way too young. Yes I am generalising of course as there are always exceptions to the rule. I am yet to find an exception however.

I was chatting with a guy I knew through mutual friends last year who was working really hard to get me to go out with him. He was only 34. He was most things not on my ‘perfect guy list’ (it’s just a dream, not an actual on paper list and I don’t actually stick to it in reality). He was under my preferred height so wearing heels is a negative. He smoked cigarettes. He wasn’t any good at spelling (yes it bugs me!!!) He liked to name drop. He played pokies/gambled (a lot).
Well that’s just a few. Oh one night at the casino when he was playing pokies he only had $100 notes so I gave him two $50s to swap. I don’t gamble at all (I don’t have any interest in it) He took them to avoid putting the $100 in and NEVER gave me my money back!!!! This guy earns way more money than me and I DONT gamble! I still managed to lose $100 though… #arsehole       Lesson learnt

He also had a fun personality and was confident. He insisted on always paying and always picked me up to go places.
We went out a few times and he did grow on me in some ways.  Very sceptical though and treading very carefully. Especially when he randomly grabbed my boobs in public on our first outing Ummm???

Many things popped up that made me notice our age difference. One of most significance was a conversation regarding how women apparently have ’15 different types of vaginas’ and he has names for each of them. I was shocked and quite disgusted. Mature men seem to think of a woman and her vagina as a thing of beauty that they are lucky to have access to. This was quite a new concept to me and one I’m not a huge fan of!

So I asked, ‘what do you mean 15 different types?’
‘You know, the angry vagina…’
‘Woah what? What is an angry vagina?’
He went on to explain this and a couple more . I then mentioned that there was no way he was ever going to see my vagina to enable him to give it a name .. One of the 15 never the less. WTF??? Seriously???


On a side note I have seen more vaginas than an average man will in a lifetime. I have had a spray tan business with permanent hair reduction for ten years. Bi have seen possibly thousands of vaginas.  I think there are way more than 15 different options as I think every woman is unique. It’s like a finger print … Every lady has unique lady bits and I have never seen one looking angry at me!!!

Here’s another answer to men’s questions when they ask why women are not confident about themselves naked. How about this… The worst word in the English language that is the most offensive to use against another, is female anatomy specific (for those I may have lost there it starts with a C and ends in UNT)

OMG and men wonder why we think YOU think our lady bits are ugly. Not only is the biggest arsehole in your life at any given moment an ‘ugly/ dirty/ stinky/ fat/ messed up/ effed up’ / whatever other detailed descriptive word ….followed by the C-word but apparently some men have fifteen different words to describe vaginas. Cannot WAIT to get naked and have you judge the appearance of my vagina. It would be even better if you also made fun of its appearance in front of me. Oh and can we PLEASE leave the lights on so you can see every tiny detail?  Yeah that would be perfect… Not!

Hmmmm hang on, wasn’t I going to write about dick pics????

Next time !!!
SingleCass ❤️


10 thoughts on “The Dick Pic faux pas

  1. GaleyGale

    *Gigglesnort*. I can’t begin to imagine anyone talking to me like this. And he has obviously spent some time formulating these 15 vag types. Oy. Onward and upward, Cass.


  2. mashimaro

    Sorry that you had such strange experience with this younger guy. definitely in the frog pile.

    Guess that’s why you have a check-list and gut feel to guide you from making the same mistake again and again. Good to know that you havent become utter cynical, and still give the occasion guy the benefit of the doubt every so often.

    As a reader, this is highly entertaining, really cant wait to see your take on the whole dick pic endemic, i wonder if you are actually going to share some of the gems you received. hahahaha.

    On the other hand tho, guys share similar mind prisons over their body image, height is definitely up there, and both of you prefer taller guys….knowing this, guess plenty shorter guys probably automatically assume the role of the president of the friend-zone. Perhaps that would give more courage to actually approach and chat, cos knowing you have no chance to start with, you got nothing to lose, right? so probably looking far more relax, genuine and confident.

    And then the size, length, girth of the manhood is just the same. I guess the difference is, you ladies probably dont spend valuable time on categorising it into 15 specific buckets.


    • singlecass

      Awesome reply …. Thank you!
      Have to respond to the height thing
      It’s just a natural thing not a choice.? Most women feel more attracted to a man taller and bigger than them. It’s natural instinct this makes us feel more protected


      • mashimaro

        Dont get me wrong, I totally get that, but at the same time, I think there are some real gentlemen too in the short stack category, and you might miss out.

        As many shorter guys know that they are at disadvantage straight off, so to level the field, they know they have to be real rock solid to fight for the taller ladies’ attention, so they often go above and beyond to make sure they have more to offer.

        however, as with all things, exceptions are there…

        I totally agree with the natural selection, alpha male, everyone seeks the strong, big, powerful to ensure they have the best specimen for survival, etc, there are also studies showing taller guys or gals, even get paid more, likely to get more perks and given respects without having to earn it, etc. So naturally, yes, people will always be drawn to seek the typical survival of the fittest type.

        let me put it another way, what would a short guy need to do to not get dismissed (if there is any realistic chance at all)?

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      • Hi Mashimaro, I think you are right. I went out with a guy on Tuesday who was pretty much the same height as me. Daytime so less noticeable (less likely to dress up and wear heels!) and he is a great person. There wasn’t that initial spark (for me – him I don’t know) but he was very interesting and we got on well. He does make an effort and is very confident (comes across that way anyway)…

        We will definitely be seeing each other again and will see where it goes… but I know that even if I get on with someone and have a laugh, if the raw attraction isn’t there for me I’ll look elsewhere and that wouldn’t be fair.

        No-one is ruled out 😉

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  3. singlecass

    I just know I have no attention to someone shorter than me
    I can do same height and leave the heels for nights out with the girls for the right guy


  4. mashimaro

    Naomi, so very glad to hear you said that. Im glad a shorter guy made the effort and left a good impression.

    I totally understand, yes, thats the way it is, raw attraction, the spark, sometimes, you can tell straight away and some needs a bit more time to grow on you….I know its different for everybody.

    I guess if that is the dealbreaker, an absolute essential criteria, and so be it….nothing much can turn that around.

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