Big Penis Guy #1


I visited my doctor to check that my vagina wasn’t broken!!
We (my awesome doctor and I) were in fits of laughter as I explained that although I have not slept with many men since being single, I seem to have been dating men with giant penises.  Or hang on, do I have a deformed vagina they won’t fit in?

‘How big are we talking Cass?’

I proceeded to give her hand examples of length and width and even she looked afraid! We laughed so much during that visit.

I met this particular guy online and chatted a bit. I should have started to put things together as he was a terrible typist on his phone as his big man hands with fat fingers pressed the wrong buttons all the time… Big hands, big feet…hmm

He seemed to say the right things and appeared to be nice enough. After a while of message sending we talked on the phone a few times. Then we met for a walk along the river one evening, deciding to then go and have a casual dinner nearby. He was a gentleman always insisting on paying.

I liked him enough physically. He was tall and strong and very ‘blokey’. Was a little sarcastic which works for me.

Was he handsome? To some people he would be. To me, I liked who he appeared to be and that person seemed like someone I wanted to know more. He became more attractive  to me for a few reasons. I don’t need a picture perfect Ken Doll like Barbie does.  A man can become sexier when I find things I like that aren’t just physical.

The next day we joked about me going to his work Christmas party and I said I wasn’t scared and I went! Was fun. He seemed to enjoy having me there with his work mates (he works in construction)

We dated a little and he was always a gentleman, with me sneaking in and paying for things when I could. My first experience with his ‘package’ scared the crap out of me! I said to him ‘there is no way we can ever have sex’. He said with some practice it will be fine…. You will get used to it.  I argued that point simply. I just shook my head and said



‘won’t fit’


I said we could make a deal and I would promise three blow jobs a week (if we were seeing each other seriously in time) instead of actual penetrative sex.  Not sure he found that very amusing.

Next time we were making out I avoided it again. When it came to the point I couldn’t avoid it any longer he was patient and gentle but it was very challenging. It was like a babies arm!!! It was that big it had its own postcode and it wasn’t even completely hard! (So he said)

Let’s just say I was sore for about five days and even got out a mirror to look at myself and discovered a bit of bruising down there. Not that I’m in a habit of checking my bits out with a mirror.  Therefore the comparison would not have been too obvious, but bruised it definitely was. He wanted to see me again the next night for round two.. Umm NO!!!  Sorry I can’t, very very ‘busy’….gahhhhh!!!

I spent some time with him over a month or so. I stayed at his house and looked up and saw a hook on the roof over to the edge of his bed. Weird. I asked him why it was there and he said that it was for a boxing bag. I asked why a boxing bag would be over his bed? He eventually admitred to me it was for a sex swing and that I would be testing it out as he hadn’t used it yet.
…. Oh ….
Wish I knew this information before I was lying in his bed ready to sleep.  It’s not an easy image to get out of ones head and I don’t even know how that apparatus even works (or why!!)

I was starting to discover my sex life has been quite sheltered until now and I’m ok with this!!! A sex swing has never been on my ‘to do list’ and again, I’m ok with this… Very ok!!
Sex was not easy. I actually felt sorry for him and any guy who has a similar situation going on in his pants region. It must be so frustrating.  They must just want to go hard and fast but instead they have to hold back and keep that giant member under control.

The last time we had sex he got a bit carried away and the pain was incredible! So much so that I reacted by getting my foot and kicking him out of me. I turned on my side trying not to throw up and was getting contracting pain making me cringe. He was kind about it. Won’t go into too much personal detail but this took me to the doctors!

Why am I not seeing him?  It’s not the giant cock that was a deal breaker.   He had an interesting growing up life and although he would deny it, in my opinion, he suffers some anger issues due to this. He easily raises his voice and tells people off. He seems to feel like the world is against him and people are out to get him. He wasn’t happy about me publicly discussing how lovely my ex is and how much I feel blessed with him still being in my life.

Him : ‘I’m not a jealous person’
Me : ‘Right’ (doesn’t seem that way)

I tried to keep in contact as friends but clearly that was too difficult for him to do. He has some nice qualities. He isn’t the guy for me but I can still appreciate him for who he could be to someone else.

We all get to an age where we have a past and some people refer to it as baggage. I prefer not to. I think that the past is what makes us who we are. It’s how you manage your past that defines the person you currently are. None of us are perfect but maybe we can find someone perfect for us. I don’t want ‘broken’ but I’m happy to work with a few minor injuries that will one day heal.  (No… Not referring to my injured vagina here!)

Keep reading for more encounters of big penises and the ‘dicks’ who own them!


❤️ Cass


6 thoughts on “Big Penis Guy #1

  1. lisa allerton

    lol cant belive how common this is. I had a guy on line who tried to warn me about his size and sent a pic through. Needless to say I didn’t speak to him any more.

    Liked by 1 person

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