Where do men go?


imageWhere is this place where men disappear to suddenly???

I am rarely surprised by this phenomenon anymore as it has become standard practice in fact it’s a surprise when a guy DOESN’T disappear!!

I’m certain if we women were let in on the location of this ‘Nevernever man land’ we would find copious amounts of disheveled males cowering in a corner not sure what to do.  Shaking, maybe crying…. Scared of the scary female scary people.

“OMG I have to communicate”.  “OMG I have to reply to her message or something”. “OMG OMG OMG what do I do???”

“I know, I’ll ignore her messages, not respond to her calls, go stealth and hide in Nevernever man land with the other guys.  It’s safe there …  I like her though.  She’s awesome.  Attractive, fun, interesting and I could see myself dating her for sure.  But Nevernever man land is safer … Yea I will go there.”

Meanwhile back in the land of adulthood, I move on and possibly roll my eyes.  I always have a giggle when a week or even month later I get a message from ‘magic disappearing act guy’ and he carries on like he never went anywhere!!!

I felt inspired to write this blog today because I got a text from a guy I was chatting with about two months ago this afternoon.  Not heard a thing from him  and suddenly I get a text … Heart-felt, in-depth, totally going to win me over right?

Xx SingleCass 😘


2 thoughts on “Where do men go?

  1. TT

    That’s the problem with big city dating, and so many avenues to find dates, everyone is serial daters. Options become the weed, there is no such nevernevermen land, its just occupied with other options, which men think they are potentially better options. Or the path of least resistance, ie loose women….

    so dont feel bad, if he went awol for a long time, he was never that into you in the first place and be brutal, dont give him the time of the day. You shouldnt ask how high when he said jump.

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